Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can Syntra-5 Really Lower Blood Sugar?

How to lower blood sugar is a problem faced by many Americans. Recently, a new product named Syntra-5 (Syntra5) has been released, with medical backing to support it's claims to lower blood sugar.

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Diabetes - the American Killer
Adult onset, or non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in America. It also goes by the name of Type-2 diabetes. High blood sugar, another name for diabetes is having devastating effects on Americans. Millions have been diagnosed, and it is suspected that millions more have it, and are yet undiagnosed.

High blood sugar, or diabetes, occurs when the body no longer has the ability to properly use glucose. High blood sugar can lead to very serious complications such as heart disease, kidney and eye disease and other problems like nerve damage and death. So, it is very important for people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels in an effort to prevent permanent damage.

Once diagnosed with diabetes, a person is placed on a diabetic diet. This is done in attempts to lower blood sugar, and to help the person lose weight. But, losing weight is something that many people struggle with...without much success!

A Drug Free Alternative
Syntra-5 is a proprietary blend of several natural ingredients known for their effects on weight and blook sugar. These include cinnamon, garcinia combogia, bitter mellon extract, gymnema sylvestre extract and fennugreek.

In natural medicine circles, many of these ingredients have been known to lower blood sugar. But when combined in the formulation that is in Syntra-5, they take on a synergistic quality producing results that far exceed what can be seen from taking the ingredients separately.

In addition to its ability to lower blood sugar and aid in weight-loss, Syntra-5's website also lists some pretty impressive improvements in other symptoms that often go along with diabetes. Uncontrolled high blood sugar can lead to heart disease. Participants in the Syntra-5 studies showed documented significant drops in cholesterol levels, tri-glycerides, and blood pressure.

Not Technically a Drug
In accordance with FDA guidelines, Syntra-5 cannot claim that it cures any diseases. In America, the drug industry is a very powerful. Perhaps that is one reason that they can make claims to 'cure', using drugs that often have side-effects that are as dangerous as the diseases they are attempting to treat.

Many people interested in natural medical are glad that Syntra-5 is "not a drug", since they choose to avoid the side-effects that are associated with many "FDA Approved" medicines used to lower blood sugar.

In Conclusion
In a day of "instant everything", you should be aware that it may take up to 90 days to see the full effects of Syntra-5 The good news is that many people start seeing improvements in blood sugar and weight loss within days of starting Syntra-5 And, be aware that since Syntra-5 is not a drug, it may not be a covered expense on your medical insurance.

Syntra-5 has a 15-day "free trial" (s/h not included). After that time, unless cancelled you will automatically be enrolled in the Syntra-5 Home Delivery Program.

More of the documented medical results can be found on their website

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